Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

2 thoughts on “Witcher writer Sapkowski is Amazon’s most popular author after Netflix success

  1. “But Sapkowski’s books also raise the issues of power, politics, exclusion and inequality. Their popularity has sometimes been explained with parallels to the turbulent period of the 1990s in Poland, marked by the drastic transition from communism into capitalism, as well as rising inequalities.”

    here his books differ from the actual netflix serial and one has to read between the lines to understand his humor. ie in his book vampires dont need blood its just sort of binge drinking for them. one of his friends is a vampire who stopped drinking blood because he flew drunken against a tree, felt down and was burried by farmers for 300 years.

    for real witcher fans like me its a pain to wait until 2021 until the saga continues.^^

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